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Ilanie is the proud owner of ILANIS Bridal & Fine Jewellery. She was born in Antwerp Belgium in the heart of the Jewellery & Diamond District, where her parents worked as Diamond Traders. Surrounded by their glistening light and natural beauty, she fell in love with diamonds at first sight. As she grew, she found her passion in designing fine handmade diamond and gold custom jewellery

Ilanie's Story

Ilanie's Story

A certified Gemologist and Fashion Design graduate, Ilanie boasts 12 years of experience in the diamond industry. With partnerships in NY and the UK, and offices in Bangkok, Belgium, and Israel diamond district, she works with private customers worldwide.

Inspired by client memories and special occasions, Ilanie creates unique diamond jewellery that is made to enhance special moments and be passed down for generations. Above all, the client’s best interest is at the core of Ilanie’s work. In her client’s words: “Ilanie puts a piece of her heart into every creation” – her jewellery tells a story, arouses emotion, and transcends time.

In her work, Ilanie prioritises two things: her customers and the planet. For this reason, she only uses superior quality, IGI and GIA certified, CVD lab-grown diamonds. These beautiful diamonds are made of carbon and grown in lab-controlled conditions, much like flowers in a greenhouse. They are as real and exquisite as those mined from the earth with one big difference: they are ethically sourced. Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly, conflict-free and do not contribute to earth mining, ocean dredging or habitat destruction.

As a diamond manufacturer, Ilanie is able to offer private customers certified first-hand diamonds in an extensive variety of shapes, size, colour and clarity combination at the best available price. By minimizing the number of times, the diamonds exchange hands, she can offer you the best quality diamond within your budget.

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