Financing & Layaway

Financing & Layaway

Integrated with SPILTIT, a global, “buy now and pay later” payment solutions method, ILANIS allows customers to receive an instant purchase approval by splitting the total order amount into 2 to 12 monthly 0% interest-free credit card installments.

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SPILTIT- 0% Interest Financing

If you are familiar with buy-now-pay-later services, Splitit offers to make smaller purchases without any interest, fees, or applications that won’t impact your credit score. Since you’re paying for it through your existing credit, there will be no credit checks, applications required or anything else that can affect your credit score. Apart from keeping your checkout flawless, it also allows you to earn all the rewards and points you make on your credit card payments.

  • Interest-free & instant approval without any hidden fees.
  • After placing the order and your item is ready it will be shipped to you without any delay.
  • Use your credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
  • Pay in easy 2 to 12 monthly  installments.
  • Requires no credit checks.

* As Splitit will deduct monthly payments, you may be charged additional fees by your credit card issuer under their terms and conditions.

Card Requirements:

  • Available credit limit should cover the total order amount
  • Splitit only supports Mastercard and Visa credit cards (debit cards are not supported)

How does it work?

At online checkout:

  • Select the number of months you need, to pay off the full purchase amount. Choose between 2 to 12 months installments.
  • You will only be charged for the first monthly payment, but your purchase will be preauthorized on your card for the remaining  payment balance.
  • Every month the following payment will be processed on your credit card, until the purchase amount is paid in full.

For instance, check out this example where a purchase of $3000 is divided into three monthly installments:

Sample plan for 3 installments with credit card

ILANIS Layaway Plan

If you are interested in purchasing a jewelry piece from ILANIS but don’t have enough available funds to buy it right now- Our Layaway Plan could be the perfect option for you!

Are you planning to propose or surprise your loved one on their birthday or anniversary? Don’t have enough to invest in that engagement ring or fine jewelry piece at this time? Consider using ILANIS LAYAWAY PLAN.

Our layaway plan is designed to help you purchase any item from ILANIS keeping your jewelry ready for you at today’s price and allowing you to pay for it in installments at your convenience. To purchase an item using our Layaway plan, select ‘Layaway’ during checkout, and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible for an initial deposit of 35% of the total purchase amount. You can pay the remaining balance in multiple monthly 0% interest free installments. The jewelry will be shipped to you once you have the remaining balance fully paid off.


  • A non-refundable deposit of 35%
  • The customer is obligated to track payment progress
  • Full payment is required before jewelry production can begin
  • Full payment is required before items are shipped
  • All items purchased through this program are considered final sale
  • Plans showing no payment progress within 3 months are subject to forfeit and items will be taken off hold